Raspberry Ketone Personal Test

Personal Test about 8 weeks

Obesity has become one of the most common diseases in most parts of the world and particularly in the West. For losing weight there is not just one single dietary plan or one dietary supplement that promises you to help in getting rid of your excess body fat in a jiffy.
There is absolutely no doubt that having excess weight makes a person lethargic uneasy and way too sluggish. Heavy heart and breathlessness is another serious problem faced by people with excessive weight. The dietary supplements that make you fit in your body size are sure to leave with you with ample amount of hormonal imbalances and other disorders related to digestion if not body fat. Raspberry Ketone are recognized as the most suitable supplement for women belonging to all age groups.
I being the victim of obesity find it extremely difficult to manage my daily routine. I never had this much of weight put on in my teenage but as I entered my twenties I realized fat accumulating up on my body. As a natural instinct I hardly bothered about it and did not really take practical steps for maintaining my body weight. Soon after I realized that it was a huge mistake of mine that I did not care about my weight gain and ended up having 20 kilogram excess of my body weight requirement.
I tried all the possible and practical diet plans and dietary supplements that I could get my hands on but even with that I was able to lose not more than 3 kilograms in six months. My excessive weight had severe impacts on my pace of work. Having ample amounts of sleep did not make me feel light and active with this much weight on my body. I slowly noticed that my feet have started swelling up and ankles have become sour.
I almost lost hope for ever being able to fit in my favorite clothes and eat as much chocolate as I wanted but then all of a sudden an advertisement caught my attention while surfing on the internet. The advertisement displayed mouthwatering red raspberries. There I came to know about the world famous dietary supplement called the Raspberry Ketone. I did not have much faith in it when I started using the supplement but slowly and gradually I started noticing the changes in my body.


Week 1 with Raspberry Ketone:

Having it in my hand I founded it really hard to convince myself into believing that it might make a difference but eventually with all the spirits high I followed the prescription and took two tablets in a day. One to be taken in the morning and one in the afternoon was mentioned on the juicy raspberry pictured bottle of the supplement. The first week of every dietary plan that I had taken previously did not even make the needle of the weighing machine take a jerk if not fall backwards. I assumed the same thing for this particular supplement. On my sixth day of the week I began to notice that having these tablets have taken control over the always dizzy feeling of my head. I somehow remained quite active in my day time. Then I went through the ingredients of the supplement more carefully and noticed that the component of caffeine have made an impact on my sleep. The seventh day of the week was my day to find out that what actually the supplement is doing to my body. To my surprise the needle actually did move and fell one whole kilogram backwards. And yes the magic pills had started working on my body in just a week’s time.


Week 2 with Raspberry Ketone:

The second week got me a little more enthusiastic about the Raspberry Ketone supplement I was taking twice a day. Using it in the second week had got me completely over my sleepy feeling. Whereas what I noticed about other dietary plans was that supplements make you too lazy and lethargic making it even difficult to carry on with the work of the day. The use of Raspberry Ketone made it easier for me to focus on my work and be a little active and participative on my workplace unlike the usual feeling of passiveness and extreme weariness. Previously I had been exerting myself too much on exercises and even that did not make much difference to the shape of my body. I kept myself starving in order to get if not all some of the excess fat off my body but even then I had managed to lose only 5 kilograms in a month and a half and got it all restored as soon as I started taking my meals. Raspberry had somehow been working on my body and I did not even notice it in the beginning. The end of the second week showed another kilogram less than the previous week.


Week 3 with Raspberry Ketone:

The start of week three got me even more eager to work on the plan. Although losing two kilograms did not make me look slim or even different when I looked into the mirror but I seeing the weight on my weighing machine kept my spirits high. I tried to get around with at least one person who could say that am losing weight but consequently two kilograms were not enough to make a visible difference to my body shape. The thing that I noticed in the third week of Raspberry Ketone supplement plan was that I felt a little lighter than what I used to feel before. Previously I founded it very hard to climb the stairs of my workplace if the elevator goes out of order but in third week of using the Raspberry Ketone supplement made the stair climbing slightly easier. After losing two kilograms in the past two weeks I was anxiously waiting for the end of the third week and it did make the whole situation even better. Instead of falling back one kilogram the needle actually fell back two kilograms and pointed out the loss of four kilograms in three weeks altogether.


Week 4:

Fourth week of my Raspberry Ketone supplement plan had me worried all around. It was the month of December and I spent my week attending Christmas dinners. After all who can resist the smell of chocolate cakes, baked puddings and cream trifles? I did not let go even one invitation for Christmas dinner and spent my days worrying sick and afraid of regaining the kilograms I had lost by taking in the Raspberry Ketone supplement. My previous dietary supplements had me starving all day and even then I did not manage to lose weight and with something working on me I was really afraid of ruining it all over. The end of the week approached and I did not even feel the need of checking it on the weighing machine I knew that I have regained every ounce I had lost. With all the courage I had I decided to stand on the weighing machine with my eyes closed. Soon after I had seen the needle of the weighing machine I had found myself completely convinced that this bottle of Raspberry Ketone supplement has dropped down straight from heavens to fit me and many other women like me in our clothes and enjoy the dinners not only on Christmas but the year round. I had still managed to lose another kilogram in the fourth week.


Week 5 with Raspberry Ketone:

The start of week five indicated that I had been taking the dietary Raspberry Ketone supplement for one month and have been able to lose 5 kilograms. Five kilograms actually did make me a little better than what I was before. To my surprise in the fifth week I received the compliments from my colleagues and friends that I have lost weight. In my physical appearance the first impact was on my face. My double chin had started to fade and that was an achievement for me. I was really hoping to lose two kilograms by the end of three weeks. The most important change that if felt in my daily routine was that I was able to sleep well at night and then wake up refreshed, healthy and active quite unlike the usual. Raspberry Ketone was taking care of not only my weight but a lot of things in my daily routine that were totally unexpected. I pushed myself to a little exercise in the fifth week in order to increase the pace of losing weight but somehow could not get on with my gym session other than just twice in that week. The end of fifth week gave me another surprise and I found myself losing weight quickly. I had lost two and a half kilograms in week five.


Week 6:

The best thing about the Raspberry Ketone is that it is made up of two most important factors that help in reducing weight. The two components combine together and carry out the break down process of fat molecules inside my body. Losing weight made me more inquisitive about what it is and how has this managed to work on body. I could not help myself but thinking about the time I over exerted myself for two hours of gym sessions twice a day. This level of strenuous exercise could not make my body look at least in shape if not thin by the end of three four weeks. The point I lost my courage for gym was when I got my foot fractured right after gym session. I did not want anything to spoil my weight losing strategy and found myself even more serious about losing weight in the sixth week by working on my eating habits. I made sure that I restrained myself from taking fizzy drinks and too much of baked products. A little of exercise made me feel even better not that I felt my body lighter and easy to lift. I managed to lose three kilograms in week six.


Week 7 with Raspberry Ketone:

The start of seventh week made me realize that walking has become quite easier for me. The situation of breathlessness and increased heart beat had disappeared even when climbing stairs. The mirror made me look somehow better than what I used to be. My clothes had started loosening and that indicated well that I had lost a considerable amount of weight by the use of Raspberry Ketone supplement. The supplement had been working on my overall eating habits and to my surprise I did not find myself hungry between the meals like I used to feel in the past. I wanted things to get better each day for me and for that I pushed myself for regular workout in week seven. By the end of week seven I had managed to lose another couple of kilograms and that made it twelve and a half kilograms of my total weight. My body had started to come back to its shape finally.


Week 8 with Raspberry Ketone:

In accordance with the targets I had set for myself I was more than half way through them when the eighth week started. I found myself completely at peace with the pace of my weight losing strategy. Raspberry Ketone have worked well on me and I had planned the dosage of eight weeks to lose weight and even with not much eating habits controlled I had lost more than twelve kilograms. I found my body lighter and better. I realized my feet have been at ease now and have the swelling settled. I no longer felt pain in my legs at the end of the day and can walk easily without the problem of heavy heart and breathlessness. The end of the eighth week approached and I found myself quite eager to jump on the weighing machine and watch the needle fall back and yes it did. The last day of the eighth week was more than just an ordinary day. The moment I saw the weighing machine displaying another set of two and a half kilograms less, I went straight to try on my favorite dress that I had kept for the past three years. I did not manage to fit in the dress but I knew that the pace of losing weight would fit me in this dress in not more than one week.
Raspberry Ketone has picked up votes from its users. More and more people are seen chanting about the benefits of the product. People are eager to share their experiences regarding the use of Raspberry Ketone so that obesity can be controlled in our society.

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