ProbioSlim Personal Test

8 weeks personal test with ProbioSlim

ProbioSlim Personal Test

Hi! My name is Janette Lim and I am currently a mother of two with a steady work that still allows me to have lots of fun-filled moments with my family. I am here to share with you my personal experience when it comes to using the most effective diet supplement that I ever came to experience in my life. The ProbioSlim has been a lot of help to me so I have decided to spill out my little secret.  Actually, what you are about to read is my very own Personal Test with regards to ProbioSlim as I have decided to take on the 8-week challenge when I read about the product on one of my favourite women’s magazine. I have kept track of my records and what I felt after regularly taking this so-called miraculous dietary supplement. I hope that after you have finished reading this, I will be able to help you make that crucial decision to try the 8-week personal test yourself!

1st Week with ProbioSlim:

As I came to receive my first bottle, I decided to take at least one capsule a day before going to sleep. Well, on the day after, I noticed that my digestive system went a bit awry. As you have guessed, one of the main reasons why I have tried ProbioSlim is that I wanted to have a regular bowel movement. I am usually constipated due to my habit of eating heavy foods. As I was saying, my digestive system went awry that I thought I was having some stomach problems. I became doubtful about this ProbioSlim capsule. I didn’t notice any sudden changes in my eating habits (I must admit, I love fatty foods.) But since it was just the first day, I still went on, maintaining the “before going to bed” habit. On the third day, I felt a little bit energized as I was able to go to the toilet every morning (my bowels became normal again) and my tummy felt good.  There was still no change in my weight (I was measuring my pounds everyday). I’m still stuck at 165 pounds. Feeling the new change that is taking place within my body, I have now the strong urge to continue drinking ProbioSlim. At the end of the first week, I noticed that I was down by one-and-a-half pounds. I got excited for the next upcoming weeks.

2nd Week with ProbioSlim:

I am now on my 2nd week. With a renewed motivation to continue (I really want to lose more pounds), I decided to cut off some of the fatty foods. I could not do it in an instant, as some of you may have guessed, but I got to the point where I really was determined to lessen my fatty-food intake bit by bit. On the third day of this week, I had to attend a special birthday party of one of my colleagues. The food was very tempting. But I chose to eat salads and greens, with a little bit of white chicken meat. When the party was over, I felt good because I had taken my second step to weight loss. Along with the help of ProbioSlim, I am sure that by the end of the week, I was about to lose several pounds. My bowel movements are as steady as ever and I had no problems with my digestion. In fact, some of my workmates were asking me why I look different.  As it turned out, I’ve lessen another 3 lbs. So all in all, that makes it four and a half pounds in two weeks. The progress was a bit slow than what it has promised, but I decided to continue because it helped me in my digestion a lot.

3rd Week with ProbioSlim:

I am noticing some changes in my body figure but I still felt flabby. To tell you the truth, losing pounds is one of my main goals but having a superb looking body is also dream of mine. I want to have that “sexy-mom” look that I can flaunt about during pool parties. Anyway, I was searching the internet on the 2nd day of this week and my attention was caught by a five-minute daily workout routine that works well with some individuals. I thought to myself that if I am going to try the workout program and continue with my ProbioSlim habit, I am sure to lose more pounds by the end of the week. So I downloaded a soft copy of the fitness program and decided to move my body for five minutes every morning after I woke up. Along with the benefits of the ProbioSlim, the effects made on my body by the quick exercise were indeed energizing. It was amazing to know that a quick workout and a healthy digestive system can help me a lot in dealing with stress as it raised my happiness levels during work and even at home. By the end of the week, I lost another 5 pounds. Indeed, I was getting slimmer!

ProbioSlim Experiences

4th Week with ProbioSlim:

This week has been a total challenge for me. My company celebrated its 30th anniversary and as a way of giving back to us employees, they gave us a 2-day out of town vacation. I was assigned as one of the organizers and it was very stressful. Good thing though, my co-organizers noticed that I was the most active member in the team. (I have no idea why, but I am guessing that it has to do with the excellent feeling brought to me by my daily habits.) On the 4th day (the first day of the 2-day vacation), I had the opportunity to wear my swimsuit. I was amazed that my body had undergone a whole lot transformation and I was able to flaunt my curves in front of my workmates.  Many people noticed and asked how I was able to lose pounds, but since my 8-week personal test still wasn’t over, I skipped the chitchat and just said that I am taking some miracle supplement along with a slight change in diet. Deep inside my heart, I was very happy to know that I am now closer to what I have just been dreaming of before I started with ProbioSlim.

5th Week with ProbioSlim:

After the big event at my work, I had to take a sick leave because of over-fatigue. Because of this, I had to stay in bed for 3 days. My whole body felt groggy and I also have a rough cough on my throat but I still managed to take one ProbioSlim capsule before I go to sleep. After the sick period, my determination to lessen my fatty food intake was gone. In fact, I ordered pizza and burgers for 3 straight nights as I was really craving for meat. I also stopped doing the 5-minute workout during the day. I didn’t notice anything changes in my body for a while because my bowel movements are still normal (without any constipation at all.) I still measured my body weight daily. I am happy to know that I was not gaining or losing any pound and my sexy body stayed with me throughout the whole week. It was indeed surprising to know that even though I have stopped my daily regime of fitness and nutrition, ProbioSlim was able to maintain my sexy figure all by itself. I can eat whatever my children eat and still have that wonder body that everyone was curious about, all thanks to ProbioSlim.

6th Week with ProbioSlim:

When I returned to work, everything was normal. Not until one of my workmates asked me how I was able to have such a wonderful body. She got persistent and I then told her that it is because of a dietary food supplement that allows me to have a good digestion and I think it also helps my body burn fat. She asked me what the name of the supplement was so I decided to tell her the brand name – ProbioSlim. She told me that she was also able to read it on an internet article but she was doubtful when it comes to the reviews. So I told her that I have decided to take the risk, and so far, the benefits were far greater than the risks. She told me that she would also like to try the product. I felt so happy inside as I was then able to help others in having a fit body like I have by sharing my secret to them.  She then advised me to continue my fitness and nutrition regime in order for me to be sexier and help me to feel better. I heeded her advice and soon came back to my daily morning and eating habits.

7th Week with ProbioSlim:

One thing I forgot to tell you, ever since I lost pounds. My husband has been treating me like when we first met. He would come home and bring me flowers. He would also boast about me when I am around his friends. I think, because of what ProbioSlim has done for me, every aspect of my life has so far been enhanced. Perfectly tuned to what I was visualizing when I was just a beginner with ProbioSlim. Now, I am on my 7th week and have been getting a whole lot slimmer as I was able to lose a total of 20 pounds by now. My waistline is perfect and I also have the perfect ladies abs to go with it. I had to purchase another bottle of ProbioSlim, but this time I had taken the novelty of purchasing two more bottles in advance so that I can continually swallow capsule after capsule daily without any worries of having no more capsules to drink the next day. Looking back at my weeks spent with ProbioSlim, I have never been in such a great shape. In fact, I am a 37 years old adult now but I felt so much better than I was in my twenties. I owe all of this to ProbioSlim.

8th Week with ProbioSlim:

This week is my last week testing the effects of ProbioSlim. Well, as I have gained all the benefits of the wonder supplement before the 8th week, I am going to share to you that when I compared my 8th week with the first week, I never had any idea that I would come at this point where my photos taken from two months ago can no longer be compared with what I am. I had lost a total of 25 pounds in two months. From a bouncing weight of 165 lbs, I am now down to 145 lbs. I am no longer insecure with my body. No more worries about being fat, plus, all my workmates are looking up to me when it comes to getting fit. And ever since I have taken ProbioSlim, my husband has been coming home earlier than what his usual home time would be. I have now made the decision not to stop taking ProbioSlim as long as I can manage because I know that it helps me a lot in staying fit, staying sexy, with all the advantages of having a happy and healthy tummy. On the last day of my 8th week, I have made a covenant with myself that I will share the benefits of ProbioSlim to those who are in need of a healthier and sexier body.
Well, I do hope that you are now convinced of the power and amazing benefits that ProbioSlim has to offer. All you have to do is to give it a try and find out for yourself. Again, this is Janette Lime and I dare you to take the 8-week test yourself and you may just be surprised as to what it can do for you and your whole life!

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