Perfect Garcinia Personal Test

8 Week Personal Test of Perfect Garcinia

I always believe that wherever something goes viral, there is a reason for it. I suppose that is what influenced me to become curious about Perfect Garcinia product and subsequently take up the personal test for myself.

I first met the term Garcinia on television. There was this popular family life program that I was a staunch fan of. On this particular evening the show was all about smoothing completely new to me: Garcinia. The anchor had invited a doctor to come and talk about the benefits of this product and the reason why it had become a common topic of debate all over the internet.

  Perfect Garcinia Personal Test

At that point I was completely astounded. A product was allegedly all over the internet yet I was just hearing about it for the very first time! I moved on to search the name online. Truly there was more than I needed on the internet.

Different people of different age brackets were claiming to have used the product and the vast majority were being nothing but thankful for their friends who had referred them to the product. No friend of mine had referred me to the product! That startled me. But I didn’t dwell much on the thought.

I went on to check the details of the product and learnt that it was an extract of a fruit that grows naturally in South Asia and India. Of all the products, there was this Perfect Garcinia that impressed me above the rest of the Garcinia products. I immediately made up my mind and placed an order for my own 8 week personal test.

Week 1 with Perfect Garcinia

Just after I had known about Garcinia a friend of mine advised me to take the product along with another one she called the Slender Clense Advanced. According to her, taking a single tablet of this Slender Cleanse Advanced before two different meals each day had provided her with great results.
I must confess I was rather skeptical at first and did not just want to dip both of my feet into the water as such. So even though I did not give her my mind, the answer was already made clear in my head: I would not take this other product at any cost.

So my order was for just a single product that had won my trust.

My bottle of Perfect Garcinia arrived on a Friday. It was around sundown when I received the parcel. It appears the dispatch person had anticipated that I would be at work and resorted to bringing it late in the day. If that was the calculation then it was absolutely accurate.

I still had my fears early in the weekend. I was directed to be taking 2 capsules of the Garcinia each day before a meal. The decision as to which meal the pills would associate with was left all to me. I chose morning.


Week 2 with Perfect Garcinia

I had lost a kilo of weight by the time I entered my second week. On a recollection, the previous week had kicked off on a rather skeptical note, with my first two days of the weight loss program filled with anticipation of the worst case scenario. None came forth.

It was just somewhere in the mid-Monday morning that I felt something of a stomach upset. I used the lavatories, used them again a few minutes later, and repeated the process a number of times in the day. Tuesday was better and Thursday was normal.

By now, my second week, I was brave like something else. I no longer thought about the product. I just took it as part of my lifestyle, as something that had to be done- like a prayer among pious Christians.

The trend continued the same way. I woke up each morning with my daily dose of the capsules. I had earlier on considered reducing my dosage to a single pill a day when I noticed the disturbing effects.

I had learnt about reducing the dosage in case you witness a side effect from a TV program I watched earlier. The doctor gave this as an advice – a person may reduce the dosage temporarily as they give their body space to adjust.

I did not go through with it though. The side effects were gone even before my resolve to reduce dosage was crystallized.


Week 3

I started week three weighing more than 2 kilos less already. It appears that my weight loss had sped up in the course of the second week. I was not able to establish the reason exactly. All I knew was that my perfect Garcinia was working.

I felt highly cheerful, at home and at work. Where this attitude came from was rather unclear. I went about my job on a daily basis with apostolic zeal. I could not tell whether it was the happiness of seeing my excess weight draining away or whether it was part of the results of the product working on me. I had gathered some good info about the product. I had learnt that it has the capacity to make a person feel good. Just now I was not in a position to assess that reality.
That was to be expected. I had to feel happy losing weight. My past had been dotted with series of unsuccessful shots at weight loss that had discouraged me. Weight is something that I had struggled with for most of my life. I normally weigh about 134 lbs. I was actually at 240 pounds when I began this program. I had started a series of workouts early last year when something unprecedented happened.  We moved. The kids also got transferred to different schools. This meant stress. I paused my fitness journey.


Week 4

I had lost four kilograms by now. Every day seemed to have a quicker weight loss result than the previous one. This was not some sort of miracle. I knew precisely why week three had been so fruitful. I had done something about my meal patterns.

Perfect Garcinia Weight LossI became a sort of vegetarian. I ate only perfectly cooked vegetables and that were allegedly low in calories. Low calorie foods were supposed to reduce the amount of work that the product would have to struggle with. I had learnt from the doctor that even though dieting is not necessary for a person who is using Perfect Garcinia, taking foods low in calories would increase the rate at which one loses weight.

I kept going to work and back as usual, taking the pills before leaving for work at around 30 minutes before taking breakfast. There were only a few occasions when I would take less minutes between the pills and the meals.

Most of the times I remained keen on timing though. This must have contributed to my quick results too. I remained so focused on the results that I did not notice I had been taking the pills for a whole month.


Week 5 with Perfect Garcinia

There had been a constant reduction of weight the last time I measured my weight. The previously rising trend with each time indicating an upward trend at the amount of weight lost had not been witnessed at the start of the fifth week. There was exactly five kilos lost by the end of the forth week which actually marked the beginning of the fifth week.

This did not get me worried though. I was still very excited about my results. I looked back at the advice I had earlier been given by my friend and workmate Janis. She had felt that I would be able to lose weight better by adding a cleansing product into my program. I remember having given her no feedback despite having made up my mind not to include that other product.

At this point I felt proud with my choice to stick to this product. I must have been driven by the power of a sixth sense. I cannot testify to the effectiveness of a cleanser used alongside Perfect Garcinia. All that mattered to me was the results I was experiencing. The product was working and that meant everything to me. No need to dispute her opinions because she was actually arguing from the same set of facts I had heard from an expert before.


Week 6 with Perfect Garcinia

Pride must have held me back from being focused during week five. I started week six with no considerable change. There had been serious laxity on my side in the course of the fifth week. I must have been overwhelmed with thoughts of victory that I no longer remained keen on the simple things that define success. I ate a lot of calories and gave hard time to my weight loss. I noticed this because by the time I was ushering in my sixth week I noticed it was hard for me to quit red meat. I tried to keep off red meat for two successful days, just to end up with pork on my way home from work the third day. I ate a lot of it and felt little care for the outcome.

The following morning I went jogging just before taking my Perfect Garcinia capsules. I did not feel tired when I finished the workout. I could not tell exactly why I had gone for the morning workout either. Perhaps it was the guilt of eating pork that prompted me to compensate with the jog. This was definitely my way of ‘doing something about the sin’ of the previous day…and it helped.


Week 7 with Perfect Garcinia

The pork saga had taught me that I stood a chance at physical exercises. I had been so blinded by good outcomes that I had completely forgotten about the essence of physical activity. I had completely forgotten that working out had been my weight loss method just before we moved. Now that the kids had settled in their new schools there was nothing to hold me back from proceeding with my workouts.

Yet the stress of moving and resettling had taken a toll on me. I took long to recover. But Perfect Garcinia had helped me recover perfectly. Yet at the same time it had kept me completely unaware of the change – until the pork came around.

I made two realizations in the course of the seventh week. One, I was more energetic than I had ever felt before. I hardly felt exhausted at the end of my workouts like I had been feeling the year before. Two, working out sped up my weight loss despite the foods I took. I ate pork occasionally deliberately. I suppose this was because I was working out. At the weighing machine at the end of the seventh week I got a reason to smile again. I had lost a total of 6.1 kilos, about a double increase from the previous week results.


Week 8

My final week was full of mild worry. I was aware that I would get done with my pills this week which meant going back to my previous life. My worry came more from the unknown than the known. Certainly it was not the knowledge that I would finish my pills that brought the worry. Rather, I was wondering what the situation would be like after I finish my test. I did not know whether I would have to go onto another Perfect Garcinia program or just remain without it and enjoy the results.

A few days fled by. On the fourth day of the eighth week something crossed my mind that gave me a reassurance. The realization that I was several pounds lighter, in perfect shape I had ever wanted and with free enough time to work out gave me all the assurance I needed. Nothing felt better. This is all I needed. And I was having it already.

My tummy no longer showed protrusion and I was fitting most of my favorite clothes that had become too tight for me. I had lost a total of seven kilograms by the last day of my test program. I was extremely delighted. Three weeks have gone by. I still conduct my workouts and eat normally. I weigh nothing more than I weighed three weeks ago.



Perfect Garcinia works. You have got to test something at times to believe it. I have been through the program and I am living testimony that anyone can lose weight by using Perfect Garcinia. I highly recommend this product to all those who have struggled unsuccessfully with overweight problems.  

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