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Reviews about Ketone Slim XT

Ketone Slim XT has received a lot of attention from different customers most of whom after trying out the product have offered a lot of reviews. Most of these users are particularly pleased with the fact that they do not have to struggle with exercises or go without their favorite foods in order to have their weight reduced.


Review #1 of Ketone Slim XT

My name is Aria. For three years I struggled with a persistent overweight problem that seemed to go nowhere despite the several attempts I made at having the weight reduced. My tummy was large and I did not feel so good about myself. As a student it is rather hard to nurse an overweight issue however much you try to accept yourself. Being among the rest of the students most of whom are charming given their perfectly looking figures you must always find yourself stigmatized in a way. At the salsa classes, your weight always get the blame for a wrong move. The slim girl can just do it wrongly even five times but that will always seem to draw not a single blame on her physique. The instructor always seem to have all the patience to ensure she finally gets the move right, even if she is just half as good.


It was hard for me. I went to the gym as though that was my home. I became weak at some point. My mom said I was working out too much and she encouraged me to be taking breaks at least for a few days. That was like all I needed to hear. I reverted to eating all the snack I loved and soon after I was weighing four pounds more than when I started down this weight loss program. I gave it up.
I was searching for some new salsa moves on the internet recently when this ad popped up. They called the weight loss product Ketone Slim XT. I became interested, searched the internet for it and was surprised that I seemed to be the only one not talking about it already. Everyone seemed to be talking of this new weight loss product that was turning to be so effective at helping those who are not fans of the gym to lose weight effortlessly. I liked the effortless bit of the story. Even though I do a lot of stuff I still cannot consider myself as hardworking. I just hate struggling. So when I saw this product that could help me get rid of the extra mass disturbing me without struggling with the gym, I said yes it it’s worth my time.
I swore I would never step into the gym again if this product proved true to that promise. I had been going to the gym not because I like it there but because I wanted to lose weight at all costs. I had been willing to do all it takes to just shed off the extra pounds. And that is exactly what I was going to do now: give all it takes to have this Ketone Slim XT thing. I placed an order, and now, two weeks later, I am so glad I made this decision.

– Aria 26


Review #2 Ketone Slim XT

I had been having this weight problem for about four years by the time I decided to try out my doctor’s recommendation to restric6t the meals I take and at the same time visit the gym whenever I could. Meanwhile I was supposed to be jogging in the morning on an empty stomach as part of my cardio as this would help stimulate my body to burn down the excess fat it had been harboring for years now.
I remember starting off on a very strong kickoff but my enthusiasm seemed to be reducing every morning and day that passed by. I could go to the gym once or twice a week as part of my most decisive sacrifice. Still this was not enough to get me on track. I weighed myself and when I realized had lost about half a kilo in a week, there was some ray of hope in me. I went without food for a long time, just drank some water after my workouts and ate with caution.


At the end on the second week of my workout program I weighed myself and found I had gained almost a kilo because I was weighing more than when I started these workouts. It is easy to imagine the frustration that went through me. I reverted to my full eating schedule and quit the workouts. I was extremely heavy three months later. This is about the time when I met information regarding this unique weight loss product Ketone Slim XT. According to the sources, this ketone thing had an ingredient that contributed to fat burning in the body of those who used it. I was made to understand that this ingredient was caffeine, similar to the chlorogenic one found in green coffee extract.
This caffeine however was said to be powerful and works by sending certain signals to fat cells prompting them to break down. The fat cells metabolize upon receiving this signal and help the person using this supplement to lose the excess weight caused by the extra fat cells.
This weight loss product was also said to works by stimulating a person’s central nervous system. Stimulating the central nervous system alters the working of the person’s body system in favor of weight loss. It increases levels of hormone epinephrine, commonly known as adrenaline, whose high levels in the bloodstream causes fat cells to disintegrate by raising the activity of the body and raises the body temperature to a level conducive for thermogenesis. There is good degree of evidence suggesting that caffeine can target the boosting of metabolism as it releases neurotransmitters linked with an increase in the levels of energy in the body as well as boosting of metabolism. According to recent studies in favor of the Ketone Slim XT supplement, higher concentrations of caffeine are effective in boosting metabolism and can speed up weight loss.  These insights have encouraged me to give this weight loss product a try. I intend to place an order in two days’ time.
– Henrietta 36


Review #3 of Ketone Slim XT

I became interested in weight loss supplements when I could no longer depend on the traditional methods any more. I had a promotion and this meant my schedule doubled. I travelled a lot and that was not the worst part. The most central part was the exhaustion I felt when I came back to the house. That meant the only thing I needed at that time was warm bath and a lot of rest. The following day the same routine would begin all over again and that becomes my lifestyle. I could not get time for my workouts any more. I searched online for anything that promised alternation to my previous weight watch program. I had already heard about the availability of certain supplements that could be used to promote weight loss without one having to observe any diet or exercises.
In my search I came across a product called Ketone Slim XT. According to their official website the Ketone Slim XT supplement does not have any side effects. The information presented the supplement to be a safe product. I was able to check further for information regarding the ingredients of the supplement. The ingredients are said to have certain side-effects that are not particularly serious. In addition, the bottle was able to provide adequate information regarding the ingredients. It displays full ingredient quantities and details. I must admit I was a little skeptical at the beginning given the fact that the ingredients have certain side effects, yet looking at the details of the product, I did not seem to see a better alternative.
And about the raspberry ketones, I could not find any side effects on record proving that they could affect humans in any way. This gave me some level of assurance that perhaps my skepticism was unfounded. There was just no scientific evidence at all of tested side-effects available. I finally got my final assurance beyond doubt when I noticed that the Food and Drug Administration has recognized the raspberry ketones as being generally safe when used as additive to foods.
After getting what I considered as enough assurance I placed my order for the supplement. I did not take the pills on the first day. I still had my doubts and felt slow to actually set into the program. The following day I started taking my pills. I took the first in the morning and was attentive the whole day just to be certain there would nothing out of the ordinary. The day went without vents. The following morning was different though. There was a slight rumbling in my stomach and I felt a little bit of nausea. The feeling stayed on for two days but the third day was different. I felt only spasms in the stomach and I cannot exactly remember when the whole feeling was gone. Two weeks now and I am weighing about four kilos lighter. I intend to continue taking my pills.

– Mena 29


Review #4 Ketone Slim XT

I have never been a fan of supplements and so I never have really ever tried any of the diet pills before so I cannot really compare the good and the less effective supplements. One thing I am certain of though: I was impressed when I heard that there is a supplement that can actually help one shed off extra pounds without having to struggle with restricted diet and physical exercises.
To say the least, I am not a fan of workouts either. I am a housewife with two kids and this put together with my work, I do not exactly find spare time to be able to visit the gym every other time. My husband goes to the gym at least four days a week and to be honest, I really cannot tell how he manages to get all that time to visit the gym or the interest to do so. I have tried for long to go with him but every time the moment of truth reaches, I change my mind and find a reason to remain behind…but not anymore.
I came across this supplement called Ketone Slim XT that was said to have the ability to help one lose weight without struggling with the diet. I thought this sounded much like something that could be much useful to me. While my husband would be going for his normal gym workouts I would stay at home not just attending to the kids but taking my supplement and watching my weight which had already started showing alarming signs.
Strangely, everything changed when I finally got hold of my share of the Ketone Slim XT supplement. After taking this supplement for about a week, I started feeling a strong desire for some physical activity. I grew a strange interest in workouts. I started some of this at home and my husband was amused to see me do this. He could not understand the reason behind my sudden change in attitude. Neither could I. I remained ignorant until the time I learnt that the ketone slim had ingredients that raised the energy level of its users and promoted the release of adrenaline. The supplement promotes metabolism and increases one’s zeal. This has helped explain why whenever I take the pills before going for my workouts which currently include the gym I tend to feel more energetic. I work out harder and definitely burn more fat given the rate at which I am losing weight. I am happy with the pills and the way they work. I cannot testify for their effectiveness if taken without workouts but with physical activity, these pills are unparalleled.

– Janet 32

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