Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus Ingredients

The ingredients of Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus


What are the main ingredients in Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus?

  • The main ingredients in Ketone Slim 500 are Green Coffee Extract, Chlorogenic Acid and Raspberry Ketones.
  • The main ingredients in Prima Cleanse Plus are Aloe Ferox, Slippery Elm bark, gentian root, Rhubarb Extract, Goldenseal, White Oak and Blue Vervain.


Where can I buy Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus?

You can purchase the Ketone Slim 500 and the Prima Cleanse Plus through online retailers, but it’s best that you deal directly with the manufacturer through this website to ensure the authenticity and purity of the product. Also, purchasing through third-party retailers may cause delays in shipping and returns. Transact directly through our payment portal for faster shipping and handling.


What are the benefits of taking Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus?

  • Ketone Slim 500 Benefits
    1. 100% all-natural ingredients

    Ketone Slim 500 is made up of all-natural ingredients. That way, you know the product is safe and effective. This reduces the risk of negative side effects such as headaches, stomachaches or nausea. Since it is also milder on the system, it is safe to consume daily. You don’t need to cycle on or off to get the full effect.

    2. Increased energy levels

    Ketone Slim 500 will increase your energy levels so that you can perform better than you thought possible. Run faster, lift heavier and exercise longer. The more active you are, the more calories you burn. This will not only keep your physique agile and lean, but you will also feel better mentally and psychologically once you unlock your body’s true physical potential.

    3. Promotes regular bowel movements

    Regular bowel movement is a sign of healthy organ function. When your internal organs are functioning properly, you should be experiencing more consistent bowel movements. It is important that you expel waste regularly so as not to poison the body. Regular bowel movements detoxify the organs, leaving your system primed for better performance.

    4. Boosts the metabolism

    One of the biggest and most advantageous benefits of taking Ketone Slim 500 is the boost in metabolism. Your metabolism is responsible for the amount of calories your body burns while it is at rest. Everyone has a set number of calories they need to consume just to stay alive. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you need to consume. Ketone Slim 500 promotes a healthy metabolism by converting food into energy efficiently. This way, you are less likely to store fat from excess calories.

    5. Promotes satiety

    When the body is efficient at burning energy, the body is less likely to be hungry. Some diets are not sustainable because they cause the body to be ravenously hungry, making it likely for a binge to occur. By providing the body with adequate energy from food and stored fat, the Ketone Slim 500 can promote weight loss through better energy conversion and output.


  • Prima Cleanse Plus Benefits
    1. Boost in energy levels

    You may notice that you are more energetic on Prima Cleanse Plus because of its overall health benefits. When your body is functioning properly, you can metabolize fat stores and food more readily. The increase in energy levels can also lead to increased physical activity, which will eventually lead to more weight loss over time.

    2. Lose fat easily

    The amount of waste material in the colon is significant, so flushing it alone may already cause some weight loss. However, some people don’t realize that a clogged or dysfunctional can play a big role in fat oxidation as well. When the body is working to heal or unclog itself, most of its resources go to solving that problem first, and fat-burning has to take a back seat. By ensuring that the colon is healthy, the body can divert its resources back to weight loss.

    3. Reduced constipation

    The Prima Cleanse Plus works by detoxifying the body from the inside, making you feel healthier and fresh from the inside. This alone will help get rid of a multitude of toxins that are just sitting in your body. By cleaning up this filtration system, you can also reduce the occurrence of constipation and blockage. Constipation may also lead to other conditions such as hemorrhoids and tears in the rectum and anus. If gone untreated, these could cause infections and more serious illnesses over time. Colon cancer has also resulted from tearing in the rectum when expelling waste. Blockages as well are particularly troublesome because if waste is not expelled in a timely manner, it can poison the body from the inside out. Blockages, if any, must be surgically removed immediately to avoid contamination.

    4. Better conversion of food into energy

    When the body is not plagued with a clogged or blocked colon, it can better convert food into energy because all your internal organs will be functioning normally again. Since the body works as a whole system, a chink in the said chain can disrupt a host of processes, including digestion. By ensuring that all processes are running smoothly, you can ensure that food is properly partitioned into the body.


Where can I get coupons for Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus?

The manufacturer has provided discount coupons for users to avail of the Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus. They can be found on this website and used upon checkout. For further discounts on shipping, combine orders or order in bulk.


What do users say about Ketone Slim 500?

The Ketone Slim 500 is known to be unique amongst other fat-burners and weight loss supplements because of its superb formulation. There is simply nothing like it on the market. Made using only the best quality ingredients, users of this product have raved about their amazing results in a short amount of time. Rapid weight loss of 10 lbs. to 30 lbs. in a month is not uncommon. In fact, those who have used the product for at least 8 weeks have lost over 50 lbs. on average.Aside from the rapid weight loss, customers have noticed a better quality of life as a result. It has helped them be more confident in their physical appearances despite being of mature age.


What do users say about Prima Cleanse Plus?

The Prima Cleanse Plus has been a longstanding supplement for colon-cleansing for numerous years now because of its efficacy at detoxifying the body. Not many products are truly effective at cleansing the body, let alone doing so at such an incredible rate. Users report an improved digestive rate as well as more frequent intervals of expelling waste. Those who have used this product swear by it and can no longer live without it. Customers highly recommend the Prima Cleanse Plus to people who are plagued by bloating and cramping especially around the menstrual cycle. It provides relief and visible results almost instantly.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the Ketone Slim 500 and the Prima Cleanse Plus, you can notify the manufacturer within 30 days of receiving your products to initiate a refund.


How long does the user need to use the product before there are visible results?

Some users see results in as little as 3 days, while others report at least 7 days. Results vary per individual because of a variety of factors such as diet, environment, genetics and physical activity.
Do not be discouraged if you do not see results right away. Sometimes the body takes some time to get used to a new product, so it’s important that you stay consistent with your dosage and schedule. Follow the instructions provided on the bottle and try to take it at the same time everyday to ensure even absorption. Also, try not to take any other new supplements alongside the Ketone Slim 500 and Prima Cleanse Plus in the initial stages so that you can better monitor its effects on your body.
To track your progress more accurately, using photos as a way to gauge progress is a useful tool. You can also monitor your weight and body fat percentage with a weight scale, body fat calipers and a Tanita body fat percentage monitor.

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