Ketone Body Pro Personal Test

My personal test with Ketone Body Pro

Hi!  If you are reading this then I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!  You’re probably not so different from the person I was a few months ago.  You are overweight, fatigued, displeased with your physical appearance and embarrassed socially.  You may even be depressed or suffering from anxiety.  The truth is that being overweight is painful and humiliating emotionally and it is equally as hard on your physical body.  You are hitting yourself with a double whammy of symptoms when you are overweight.

Ketone Body Pro Personal Test

There are people out there who will tell you that if you just exercise and eat well, the weight will come off.  That is true for some people but some people are predisposed to weight issues.  People are born with a wide array of genetic factors that can make being overweight almost unavoidable.  In addition, cultural factors and how you were brought up can have a huge effect on your ability and motivation to lose weight. Sure, these sound like excuses to some people and I can’t blame them for thinking that people are prone to obesity are just lazy.  However, having come from a family of heavy people and having been feed low quality junk food almost my entire life, I can tell you – it’s hard to change what you have always done and even harder to change your DNA.
So what brought me to Ketone Body Pro?  Well, I was talking to my friend one day, who happens to be a fitness trainer, and telling her how frustrated I was and how I didn’t think I would ever be thin.  At the time, I was 33 and had had 3 kids in about 8 years.  I had always been heavy but after my kids, I was just plain fat.  I was tearing up explaining all of this to her and she could see the desperation and sadness in my eyes.   She told me that she believed, just as I did, that there were many factors that contributed to weight problems… and that she did not think that I was making excuses.  She then explained that if I was serious about making a CHANGE there were supplements out there to help.

Ketone Body Pro Results

Initially, I said NO!  I would not take any pills.  I had heard so many horror stories of sickness and even death from taking diet pills.  I refused to jeopardize my health and leave my kids without a mom so that I could be skinny.  She actually laughed at me and said, “Come on!  I am a trainer, I would never suggest anything dangerous or harmful.  I smiled and nodded and knew she was right.  That’s when she told me about Ketone Body Pro and the magic that it could work in my life.
I wrote a short journal entry every day, as I began my journey.  My friend suggested that I do so and I am so glad that I did because now I have a daily log of my weight loss and fitness journey that I can look back on… and share with people like you!  I have been using it for just over 2 months and I am so excited to share my experiences over the first 8 weeks. Each of the weekly summaries that I have written were taken from my journal and are quick summations of that week.

Week 1 with Ketone Body Pro:

I was fat, tired and sad.  My kids were driving me nuts.  My youngest is 1 and he was particularly hard to deal with that week.  I thought about postponing starting my weight loss journey but my friend insisted that putting it off was NEVER a good idea.  So, despite feeling like a stressed ball of nerves, I started my regimen. The pills were not magical and I would need to commit to a healthy diet and some moderate exercise.  I knew I could do it but I just didn’t feel motivated.  However, that first morning, I took the pill and ate a reasonable breakfast.  Then, I went on a stroller walk with my kids to the park where we had a picnic lunch of fruit and cheese.
For the rest of the week, I took my two pills a day and got exercise.  I also ate as many fruits and veggies as I could find.  However, I did not count one single calorie or do any crazy or impossible exercises.  It was all very attainable and felt easy and natural.  That gave me hope that this was something that I could sustain.
Though I considered it, I never weighed myself that week and I tried not to think or stress too much about weight loss. I tried to look at it as a lifestyle change and reminded myself that, even if I didn’t lose a pound, I was improving my health and well-being.  I also felt like a better mom because my kids were eating all of the same great foods that I was eating and we were out and about at the park, on walks or at the neighbourhood pool almost every day.  For the first time in a while, I was proud of who I was and felt like I was setting an awesome example for my little ones.  My husband also commented on how great I looked and what an awesome mood I seemed to be in.  So, all in all, week 1 was a big success!  I was excited for week 2.

Week 2 with Ketone Body Pro:

Week 2 was a rough week because my husband was out of town for work and all 3 of my kids came down with colds.  Any mom knows that 3 sick kids is a nightmare sent straight from Hades?  I decided that I wouldn’t allow their nasty colds to get in the way of my weight loss and that even if I caught their cold, I would find ways to keep up my regimen.  I was so motivated. It is amazing what even a week of progress and success can do to motivate a person.
I kept up my exercise by spending a lot of time walking around the house and not allowing myself to sit for long periods.  I purchased a pedometer and tracked steps.  I didn’t worry about a specific goal but just tried to walk more every day than I had before.  It was an easy regimen that I knew I could keep up even as my kids hacked and wheezed and left snot all over my house.
I also decided that I would use my diet regimen to boost both mine and the kids’ immune systems.  I cooked lots of vegetable soups and lean meats and served my little ones fruits full of Vitamin C.  In the meantime, I continued to eat well and take my 2 pills per day.  I started to feel lighter and more comfortable in my own skin.  It was strange how much confidence I had gained in just over a week.  I did break down and weigh myself that week and I was down 3 pounds.  It wasn’t an enormous loss but it was something and considering how easy it had been I felt that I would surely lose more.

Week 3 with Ketone Body Pro:

Ketone Body Pro Weight LossThe third week was a breeze.  My husband and I went on vacation to a lovely resort on a Florida island and I ate my fill of lean, grilled fish and delicious vegetables.  I also treated myself to one small dessert each day.  In addition, I woke up each morning and walked along the beach.  Again, it wasn’t some crazy workout schedule that I could never keep up with.  It was simply getting up and getting move each day on the beach, which I enjoyed anyway.  My pills were so easy to work into the day too.  Just one in the morning and one 8 hours later.  
It’s funny because I had been really worried about going on vacation and staying on track but it was not hard at all.  This was just another experience with this product that proved that this was something that I could do FOREVER.  My husband seemed very proud and kept congratulating me.  He encouraged me by coming on my walks and eating well at meals, as well.  It felt like a bonding experience for the two of us.  I felt like a schoolgirl falling in love all over again.
Over the course of week 3, I lost 5 pounds and I noticed that my jeans and dresses were getting looserWhen we got back from Florida, I was thrilled to be able to go out and buy some new outfits.  I knew I still had a long way to go but it was a nice feeling to buy a pair of pants in a size smaller.  I felt sexy for the first time in years.

Week 4 with Ketone Body Pro:

My oldest son, who was 7 at the time, noticed my changes around week 4.  He had noticed that I had been eating better and getting more active, of course.  However, he looked at me in my new jeans and said “Mommy, your tummy is skinnier!”  If you have kids, then you know how much this warmed my heart.  I was over the moon and so excited.  He had no reason to lie or to try and give me a false compliment.  His compliment was real and genuine.  My heart was so full and happy.
I weighed myself around that time too and I was down a total of 8 pounds.  That didn’t seem like a TON but it was progress AND I was clearly looking wayyy better. My clothes were loose, my arms weren’t as flabby and my tummy, like my son said, was getting SKINNIER.  I was pretty darn happy.  That’s when I decided to share this new product with my friends and family.  I knew I had found something special and I just couldn’t keep it to myself.
I posted some pictures on social media and shared my story.  That is when I realized how many women were suffering in the same way that I had.  I was so surprised at all of the kindness and warmth that flooded in and then all of the women who shared their very personal stories of shame and depression due to their weight.  I was so excited to share this secret.  I started to do lots of research so that I could share it with the women I knew needed my help.

Week 5 with Ketone Body Pro:

This was the week where I really kicked my research into high gear.  Everything that I learned about this miracle product just made me more excited about it and more confident that I needed to teach and share with people.  I knew I could be a great example for other people because I still had weight to lose and didn’t look like a bikini model or a pop star.  I was a chubby mom who was making a difference in her life.  I knew I was relatable.
The product is all-natural and is mostly made of raspberry ketone which comes from red raspberries.  It also includes green tea, apple cider vinegar and many other proven fat fighters:
For generations and generations, the benefits of apple cider vinegar have been known and celebrated worldwide. As a child, I remember my mother taking swigs of it in the morning for health and to keep her weight down.
Green tea is a well-known metabolism booster and a great way to rejuvenate and energize themselves.
Citrus is traditionally used for healing and health as well as metabolic regulation.  This product contains grapefruit extract which is a cleanser and an energizer.
I was so excited to be able share this product with people and the natural ingredients are so wonderful that they are great for you even if you don’t want to lose weight!  Who doesn’t want more energy, a faster metabolism and better health?  Overweight or not, this was a winner for anyone who wanted a better and healthier life.

Week 6 with Ketone Body Pro:

During this week, I finally started to really feel like I could say that I had lost weight.  Sure, losing 3 or 4 or, heck, even 8 pounds is great and all but it isn’t life-changing.  But, this week, I weighed myself and I had lost 15 pounds.  That felt like a real accomplishment and something that I could be seriously proud of.
I continued my regimen for exercise but, I have to admit, I fell off of the wagon with my eating.  My husband was out of town and my kids were driving me crazy so we ate a lot of pizza and fast food.  I felt guilty but I also felt pretty great because I noticed that my appetite was much smaller and that high fat foods were not nearly as addictive to me as they had been in the past.  I felt like I had gained a new self-control that I had never had before.
It was more like I was a healthy person than I was on a “diet” and I just kept thinking I could not believe how much these supplements had helped me.  When you are busy and stressed, it is just so hard to lose weight… and especially to keep it off.  But, this supplement is so helpful in that way.  That week, I weighed myself and, even with my awful eating, I had maintained my weight loss.  That made me feel like I was a person who was in control of her own body and her own destiny.

Week 7 with Ketone Body Pro:

During week 7, I realized how much of a serious burden my weight had been.  As I began to feel more confident, less depressed, higher energy and in better control, it became clear how much my weight has been affecting me psychologically.  I suddenly felt OK to walk by mirrors and look in them.  In the past, I would always walk by and avert my eyes.  I let people take my picture and I even wore a pair of shorts.  These all sound like simple, everyday things but when you are overweight, you carry more than just the excess pounds that everyone can see, you also hold a huge burden within your heart and mind.
I can’t begin to explain how much better my life became as my mental blocks and feelings of inadequacy began to fall away.  It just wasn’t going to happen without help.  I wasn’t the kind of person who could JUST eat well and exercise, I needed an extra boost and that is just what Ketone Body Pro offered me. It was the kick in the butt that I needed to change my life for good.
It’s important, of course, to remember that no two people’s bodies are exactly the same and I am willing to bet that some of you with great metabolisms may lose 20 pounds in a month.  However, if you are like me, it may take a bit longer.  However, the end result will always be a better and more beautiful you.

Week 8 with Ketone Body Pro:

This last week, week 8, 2 whole months into this journey, I decided that I would buy a new bathing suit.  I didn’t want anything skimpy or teeny.  I knew I wasn’t going to be rocking a bikini.  However, I wanted to find something that made me feel sexy and confident at the beach and the pool.  I was sick of being the “fat mom” wearing the dorky two piece with shorts over the top.  I wanted to be the hot mom… even I was a hot “thick” mom.
By this point, I had lost just over 20 lbs.  I still had about 40 to go to my goal weight so I wasn’t exactly ready to be in the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  However, I KNEW I could find something cute and sexy that would make me feel good.  I was able to find something after about an hour.  In the past, it had taken 6 to 8 hours, dozens of stores and websites and at least one emotional breakdown to find a swimsuit.  This time it was one simple and painless hour.
I can’t really explain to most people how happy that day made me.  It was just another day where I could tell that I had changed my life forever and another day that I felt in control, happy and ready to take on the world.
I tried on my bathing suit for my husband that night and he said I looked as hot as I had on our honeymoon in Mexico.  Now, whether that is true or not is up for debate but to know that he thought I looked HOT, just made me feel like a million bucks!  Thanks Ketone Body Pro, you really did help me lose weight in a safe and totally natural way!

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