Forskolin Personal Test

My Eight Week Personal Test of Forskolin

It was time to change my life around. Time for a fresh start. Out with the old and in with the new was the order of the day when I decided to take the Forskolin Challenge and share my experience online. When a relationship ended, I moved town and changed career. I enrolled in a college course, determined to make my life better. Sometimes good things come out of bad, it can be an opportunity to grow.

While I was sorting my life out, I wasn’t however sorting my body out. My ex partner was a chef, which really doesn’t help when you’re prone to putting on weight anyway. Over the years it had crept on bit by bit, leaving me fat and bloated. I wanted to get my ex out of my head, and to do that I felt like I needed to get rid of all the excess weight, which really was an unwanted gift from him!

So when I read about Forskolin, I thought it sounded like a good product to give a go. I read so many reviews, and they were nearly all positive, but of course I wanted to decide for myself, so I’ll tell you now, this test is all based on my own experiences, I entered into this with an open mind, and wasn’t influenced by anyone else’s reviews or comments.

Forskolin Personal Test


The Lead Up

I found a reputable website to order my Forskolin from and I thought it was only fair to let them know that I would be writing a length review of my experiences, so I called the customer services number, half expecting them to be funny about the whole thing, worried about bad press, but I was immediately put through to someone higher up in the company who seemed very interested in my personal test and wished me luck with it. He even gave me a coupon code so I could get a discount when I placed my order, so I promised to send him a link to my review when it was complete. Placing my order was quick, easy and secure. I paid via credit card and that went through smoothly. My special offer coupon code was also accepted without any issue.

So I eagerly awaited the postman, and he came with my parcel of Forskolin just two days later. I thought that was very speedy, so all good so far, but it’s not great customer service and fast delivery that is the most important, it’s whether or not this product actually does anything that it claims to do!

So I started my test…


Week One with Forskolin

So I eagerly opened the container. Nice sturdy packaging, a tight lid so it’s not going to spill out the contents if you need to travel with it in your bag, but not so secure that you’re going to struggle with it every time you open it! I took out my first capsule. Not too big, good, easy to swallow. I was expecting a nasty after taste, a lot of herbal supplements I’ve taken before have had an after taste and they’ve repeated on me, but these were fine. So what effects  did I experience? Well firstly I found I was finding it easier to get to sleep. I do tend to take ages to get off to sleep at night but I got a good couple of night’s sleep in a row. At first I didn’t think too much of this, I didn’t attribute it to the tablets, but then I thought about it and perhaps it was actually because of the pills. They are known to lower blood pressure and surely this would help restfulness? I don’t really know, but it could have been this or maybe it’s a coincidence, but it’s funny I start to sleep better as soon as I start taking something new. By the end of the week I definitely felt like something positive was happening within my body. I felt quite revitalised. On the last day of week one I decided to weigh myself.  I didn’t think I’d have lost any weight so soon, but I thought it would be good for the test to have a weigh in at the end of every week. The scales however told a different story. I had actually lost a little weight. It was hardly anything, but it was something. A step in the right direction.


2nd week

By the middle of week two I was now convinced I had lost more weight, but I wasn’t going to weigh myself until the end of the week. I was continuing to sleep well, which was making me in a much better mood. I can be very grumpy when I don’t sleep well! I felt like I had more energy and so I walked to work a couple of time instead of taking the car. I think this extra exercise made me feel like I was losing weight. One interesting point worth mentioning, is that the walk wasn’t as much of a struggle as it usually is. There’s a steep hill near my house that us locals refer to as ‘cardiac hill’. I didn’t get nearly as out of breathe climbing it as I had done before. Is this due to the Forskolin? I do think so yes. There are two ways in which it could have helped. Forskolin improves the strength of the heart, and it’s also good for asthma and so therefore surely good for the respiratory system? So I think it could have been either of these factors, or both, that made my journey to work far less arduous! Finally on to the weigh in on the last day of the week. Great news, a significant weight loss this week. I guess a mixture of the Forskolin fat burning effect, and the extra exercise I was getting with my new and improved energy levels had brought this about.


Week 3 with Forskolin

Forskolin Weight LossWeek three was much the same as week two with a continued feeling of increased energy and more stamina in everything I did. I was still sleeping well, which quite surprised me as I didn’t feel half as tired as I used to do. From reading about Forskolin, increased energy levels was mentioned, but it was more as an aside, an extra bonus, but I was finding it to be one of my favourite things about this product. In week three I started to notice not just the loss of weight, but a difference in the tone of my body. It seemed to be toning up as the weight fell off. I hadn’t been doing any extra exercise other than walking, but even my arms seemed to be firmer. I was very pleased with this, as I know your skin can be saggy after weight loss, and so this extra muscle tone would really help to keep my body and my skin taut if I was lucky enough to lose any more weight. A good long hard look at myself in the mirror made me sure that my body was changing for the better. I wasn’t imagining it, and a step on the scales at the end of week three confirmed another small weight loss. My first thought was disappointment that the weight loss hadn’t been more, but then I remembered that muscle weighs more than fat, and I’d certainly noticed more muscle on my body, so that thought really put me in a good mood. It wasn’t all about the numbers, it was about how I looked and how I felt. All my previous dieting effort had really focussed around the dreaded bathroom scales, but I’d now learnt that this is only part of the bigger picture.


4th week with Forskolin

A month after I’d started my personal test of Forskolin I really felt good. I was very impressed with the results, it had exceeded my expectations already. I continued to lose fat and gain muscle. That would have been brilliant on its own, but I was also feeling more energised and was enhancing the results of the Foskolin with an increase in exercise. In week four I started to walk to work every day. It had become a habit, and it wasn’t a problem any more. In the past I didn’t like walking as I’d get to work sweaty and red in the face. Not a good look when you are in a public facing position! However, by week four, the journey just didn’t seem arduous at all. I was doing it with ease, arriving at work fresh and revitalised ready for a day at work. It took until week four for someone to mention a change in my appearance, it was one of my colleagues, though she did say also that she’d noticed a while ago but had thought it rude to mention. How silly! Like anyone would be offended being told they look good! But I was pleased anyway that other people could see a difference. With your own body you tend to notice the slightest change but for others to notice, it really must have stood out. My weekly weigh in actually showed a greater weight loss in this week, just after I’d decided that the weight didn’t really count as it was all turning to muscle! Still, I enjoyed that smaller number anyway – you may as well make the most where you can!


5th week

Week five was when I really thought that this product is amazing. In just five weeks I’d achieved what I’d set out to, to change my life for the better. Both mentally and physically there were quite dramatic improvements. I looked great, but almost more importantly,  I felt great. I felt very much at ease with myself. My new regime of walking to work was giving me time to clear my head and focus before work, so I found I was not making any silly errors like I had before when I was sleeping badly and then simply driving straight to work. I hadn’t realised quite how much I enjoyed walking. Previously it had all felt like too much effort, I was focusing on not getting out of breath, moaning all the way, I didn’t stop to notice how good it was for your mind and your body. If you’re feeling stressed, I’d certainly recommend walking, and if you struggle to get out and about walking, maybe Forskolin can kick start your new regime too. In week five I really noticed my stomach muscles looking good, very defined. I most definitely didn’t have that before I started this test!


6th week

As week six progressed and my body continued to improve, I got to thinking about how amazing it is that one small tablet can hold the key to changing your life. I guess we take it fore-granted that some things can work. If we have a headache it doesn’t seem like a miracle that a small pain killer will get rid of it, yet when it comes to this sort of natural supplement, we tend not to believe the claims. We forget that most modern medicines our doctors  prescribe to us are in some way derived from the natural world. Of course people react to different products in different ways. Some may have better results with Forskolin than me, especially if they suffer from some of the conditions it is known to be good for such as asthma , glaucoma or high blood pressure, and others may not be as lucky as me and might not have the same great effect, but from what I’ve read, Forskolin does seem to have a high hit rate of success so it’s always worth a try, especially when there’s a money back guarantee on the product.


Week 7 with Forskolin

By week seven I was very happy with the results. I am now sure this product works and it works well. Continued weight loss and improved muscle tone made me feel much better about my appearance, and with the extra energy I had gained, I was getting more exercise and so I was very happy about my new and improved level of fitness. In week seven I just thought that I felt healthier. Not in any real specific way, but just a general feeling of better health. I think there are underlying benefits to Forskolin that you don’t really know about, because you can’t see a change, like you can with the weight loss, but under the surface it’s helping your heart and making you stronger. By week seven the weight loss was quite substantial, proven by the fact that my clothes appeared to have grown! Of course they hadn’t, it was me who had shrunk! Well it’s a good excuse to go clothes shopping! I’m not worried about putting the weight back on again, as now I know how to get rid of it again if I do. So far the test has been a success. Just one more week to go, but I can’t see anything going wrong at this late stage!


Week 8 with Forskolin

Week eight, the final week of my test. Week eight was simply a continuation of the last couple of weeks, nothing new to report, no side effects, no ill effects at all in fact. Just a bit more weight loss and some great muscles! I certainly feel fitter and stronger and healthier too. Although I’m going to stop writing about my test now, I feel like I’ve experienced and told you about everything that Forskolin has to offer for me, I will be using it again. I think I may take a couple of months off and see how I feel in comparison, that will be interesting and maybe I’ll update you with those results. Then I’ll go back to the Forskolin as it really does suit me well. Being a natural supplement I think it would be totally safe to take every day of your life, giving you lots of health benefits. Some you can see, and some that are preventative, taking care of your body without you even knowing about it.



After eight weeks I feel I’ve given Forskolin a thorough and rigorous testing. I’ve been surprised at how well it works, it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and I’ve also got a lot more energy and have enjoyed a more restful sleep. This is one product that I would recommend without hesitation, both for the level of customer service, and for what the product does for your body.

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